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Peg’s Presents is not only about Christmas gifts. We also love to provide BIRTHDAY gift bags to the children of Dignity Housing as well (so they have another reason to smile on their special day) but we do need your help.

You may know that we teamed up with the online fundraising service Go Fund Me, at www.gofundme.com/pegspresents so we can provide toys to children all year long.

If you can give a little or a lot, we’d be so grateful (and so would many happy kids)! Just click on the link www.gofundme.com/pegspresents to donate.

Any amount really helps!

Here I am hoping for a win for Peg’s and the kids we serve!

I would be honored to be a chosen recipient of Marie Forleo’s B School Scholarship Marie Forleo’s B School for Peg’s Presents. Many of you know this foundation was named after my Mom who passed away suddenly on Thanksgiving 2010. My video explains a bit more, so please have a look.

Peg’s Presents is a giving foundation who brings gifts (and smiles!) to children in need.
We make kid’s lives a bit more magical, one gift at a time :)

¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·’*~ Lee*

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We received this letter from Dignity Housing’s executive director acknowledging the smiles we at Peg’s Presents brought to children in need this holiday season.

This letter had us tearing up, but in a good way. It also made us realize that we can all do more for those in need, don’t you agree?

As always, we count on your donations, so please go to GO FUND ME to help us keep children smiling.

THANK YOU, we cannot do this without you!

Lee & Andrew Sequeira
Peg’s Presents
Bringing gifts (and smiles!) to children in need

Our Philly friend and neighbor, William “Bill” Kosman, is a prolific artist on a mission to lower gun violence stats.

In his words, “Of course, painting is my profession, and I’ve been bending your ear a lot about my art these last few years. But, like a lot of folk, I get a bunch of ideas, and once in a while I feel driven to express them. I’d been upset for a long time about the human toll of gun violence, and then one day the story just came to me. When I feel something strongly, most often the words or the brush strokes come fast and furious.”


You can view one of his original paintings (above) and a link to his story is below. Spread the word if you can — I think we’d all like to see the world in a better place without any senseless and sad shootings.

The Story Behind Rap Video “Six Foot Tall”

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Most of us are busy preparing for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast, but before you know it Christmas will be here, so it’s time for the elves at Peg’s Presents to get a jump on our Christmas toy shopping for the children of Dignity Housing. (As you know, we’re all about SMILES!)

If you’d like to sponsor a particular child, please send a gift or donation and simply note their name and age. You can view the full list below. As each child is “spoken for” we will make a note here on the blog.

You can donate by:
Mailing (drop shipping) new toys, book & gifts or GIFT CARDS to us at:

Peg’s Presents
126 Kenilworth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

~ OR ~

Simply head over to GO FUND ME Go Fund Me is a portal where you can donate with any credit card easily and securely.

dignity housing

Raelyn 2 F
Yaheem 12 M
Melayah 4 F
Aniayah 8 F
Malyasia 6 F
Daisha 4 F
Nasir 3 F
Jalil 10 M
Dominique 18 F
Caleb 2 M
Aminda 11 F
Edward 11 M
Claudette 13 F
Aanae 10 F
Elias 1 M
Jahsir 5 M
Laylani 3 F
Yahzhair 2 M
Jerome 14 M
An’Yae 12 F
Bernard 18 M
Nyree 17 M
Tyjhir 8 F
Deshawn 6 M
Zakilah 6 F
Zamyah 4 F
Damir 9 M
Dehrick 8 M
Dashawn 4 M
Daylin 2 M
Jaron 12 M
Marsyana 4 F
Keenan 17 M
Briana 10 F
Ashley 14 F
Samair 3 M
Rashad 1 M
Ja’miya 4 F
Ja’mi 3 M
Shakyrah 10 F
Howard 6 M
Mikai 2 M
Jovanni 8 M
Joshua 12 M
Faatima 8 F
Ali 7 M
Rashawn 17 M
Rahfek 16 M
Dyson 9 M
Samirah 7 F
Tyler 15 M
Chaz 8 M
Laila 5 F
Gabrielle 1 F
Ajana’e 6 F
Ariel 5 F
Caleb 2 M
Emani 10 F
Khyair 8 F
Bilal 3 M
Bayyinah 2 F
Nadirah 6 F
Nahsir 3 M
Christian 10 M
Maya 6 F
Hiram 5 M
Charizma 10 F
Malashia 8 F
Savannah 4 F
Jonah 4 M
Layth 20 months M
Ayana 12 F
Aaron 3 M


Here on the East Coast, our sunny beautiful summer season has almost come to a close.

Some parents are rejoicing in the fact that the kids are back to school, while others feel like part-time “empty nesters” and really miss having their little side-kicks around them on a daily basis.   I do love the Fall, but I find the next several months always seem to fly by so very quickly, and before you know it, that jolly bearded man in the red suit will be making the rounds delivering gifts to many fortunate children across the world.

sad child

Yes, Christmastime will be upon us before we can practically spell  m-i-s-t-l-e-t-o-e!  Which means it’s time for us at Peg’s Presents to work on fundraising to keep our GIFT PANTRY stocked with new toys, so we can give the children of Dignity Housing some reasons to smile this season.

We’ve teamed up with the online fundraising service Go Fund Me, at www.gofundme.com/pegspresents.  If you can help a little or a lot, all you do is click on the link www.gofundme.com/pegspresents to donate. Please know that ANY amount really helps!

We’ll be back soon with some photos of the gifts which will be given out to make a child in need SMILE this season, thanks to you!

happy kids

We were so happy to just receive photos of the Dignity Housing Moms picking up their holiday presents to surprise their kids with on Christmas Day.  Here are a few pics, with more to come!

Moving forward in 2013, we do really NEED your help so we can provide year round BIRTHDAY GIFTS for the kids in need!

Please visit www.gofundme.com/pegspresents  and know that
ANY amount helps – really!!
As Always, THANK YOU!

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