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We must not, in trying to think about
how we can make a big difference,
ignore the small daily differences we
can make which, over time, add up to
big differences that we often cannot
~ Marian Wright Edelman


The quote above is a perfect illustration of how every little bit can help us at Peg’s Presents warm a child’s heart by providing a birthday gift they would not otherwise receive.

One (FUN) idea is to start a Peg’s Presents Piggy Bank!

We’re not even asking you to give up your daily latte, and we can assure you the return on your investment (the ear-to-ear grin of a very a happy child) is priceless! AND, you can show your kids how to help others.

Let’s put some names to the giving — here are the current list of CHILDREN we need gifts for this HOLIDAY SEASON:

BOYS: Noah 5 / Jonah 4 / Judah 2 / Abdul-Aziz 8 / Abdullah infant / Kharique 3 / Kadir 1 / Terrance 11 / Joshua 6 / Aaron 4 / Elijah 6 / Elisha 2 / Hyseem 8 / Carter 4 / Maurice 7 / Zahi 2 / Raheem 13 / Izzac 1 / Nahiem 8 / Howard 10 / Mikai 6 / Ali 10 Justin 18 / Jahsir 8 / Yah’zhair 6 / Amauri 1 / Czekiel 5 / Jaron 16 / Amir 17 / Edward 14 / Jonah 7 / Layth 4

GIRLS:  Amatullah 6 / Asiyah 3 / Alayjah 4 / Kinaya 9 / Mariah 9 / Maci 3 / Alexander 5 / Alayah 5 / Elizeth 3 / Salaiah 12 / Delilah 2 / Khloee 2 / Dakota 5 / Denver 2 / Janiya 9 / MaLyane 5 / Samira 5 / Brianna 3 / Brook 3 / Naomi 5 / Zahia 2 / Alana 2 / Makaylah 4 / Shakyrah 14 / Fatima 11 / Zara 2 / Laylani 7 / Trinity 6 / Azaria 1 / Daisha 9 / Marsyana 8 / Aaliyah 17 / Amir 17 / Claudette 16 / Ashley 17 / Brianna 14

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give back

Giving back should be taught in schools across the world. Giving back requires compassion, empathy and a sense of community.  Many people realize that giving to causes you’re interesting in not only makes you feel better, but somehow the world seems a bit brighter when you do help a cause you care about.

Ever notice the more you give of the good stuff (time, money, assistance, caring) the more you get in return?  I happen to agree with these laws of the universe.

I created  Peg’s Presents (www.PegsPresents.org) to do what our tagline says “bringing gifts (and smiles!) to children in need” and I’d love to share why we do it as well as how we do it.

First the why:  As you know, I was lucky enough to call Peg my mother for a bit over four decades.  My mom and dad both adored children, and when I was a teen they welcomed over a dozen foster children into our home over the years (not all at once of course!)  Besides children, mom also loved gift giving.  She was the best Christmas shopper ever and the type of person that if you noticed a cute ring or necklace she was wearing, you’d later find it stashed away in your handbag as a surprise.  My mom passed in her sleep on Thanksgiving day when she just turned seventy – it was totally unexpected and out of the blue. We think she wanted to enjoy her Thanksgiving in heaven with my Dad.  Mom would have loved the idea of  providing presents to children in need as a way to honor her life and her memory.

Peg’s Presents works with Dignity Housing of Philadelphia, whose mission is to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty that confronts low-income families and individuals in Philadelphia by providing safe, decent affordable housing, promoting self-sufficiency, and creating opportunities beyond expectations. Many of the mothers at Dignity Housing are not able to give their children birthday and Christmas presents, and that’s where we come in.  Peg’s Presents provides gifts to children in need to let kids enjoy being kids and bring some smiles to all — givers & receivers — along the way.  If you’d like to help, please visit  www.gofundme.com/PegsPresents You may be thinking, there are so many causes you’d love to give to, but you’re not sure here to begin and you want to make sure your hard-earned money is going where it should be going.  

So here are 3 easy tips:

5 lic

 Every time you get a FIVE dollar bill as change, tuck it away in a box or drawer — you’ll never really miss the cash, and those bills will add up pretty quickly!

  • Every time you get a FIVE dollar bill as change, tuck it away in a box or drawer — you’ll never really miss the cash, and those bills will add up pretty quickly!
  • Visit charitynavigator.org America’s largest independent charity evaluator, provides free ratings of the Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency of thousands of charities across the globe.
  • Remember even a small donation goes a long way, so don’t feel you always need to give $25, $50 or $100. If you’re on a tight budget, give five dollars, as every five dollar donation adds up and really does help the cause(s) you support.

I’d love to hear your tips too, so be sure to leave a comment below.


~ Lee

Peg’s Presents  ~ Bringing gifts (and smiles!) to children in need

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No words needed, this beautiful letter from Dignity Housing speaks for itself. ❤

YOU can help us!  Please visit Go Fund Me.  

Thank you very much,

Lee & Andrew Sequeira ~ Peg’s Presents,  Bringing gifts (and smiles!) to children in need.

dignity letter 2015a

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A “short & sweet” (Peg used to love saying those words) post today, since we are busy decking the halls, and shopping for presents for the kids of Dignity Housing!

As you may know by now, this is the season we need your help more than ever. Our list of children we wish to provide gifts for this season is a lengthy one, so your donations of new unwrapped toys, games, gift cards, etc., are greatly needed, and always greatly appreciated. HELP US OUT!

Just head online HERE or you can send a new unwrapped gift for a girl or boy ages 1-14 yrs to us at:

Peg’s Presents

126 Kenilworth Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

dig pegs kids


xo Peg’s Presents

Bringing gifts (and smiles!) to children in need  

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pegs letter

We received this letter from Dignity Housing’s executive director acknowledging the smiles we at Peg’s Presents brought to children in need this holiday season.

This letter had us tearing up, but in a good way. It also made us realize that we can all do more for those in need, don’t you agree?

As always, we count on your donations, so please go to GO FUND ME to help us keep children smiling.

THANK YOU, we cannot do this without you!

Lee & Andrew Sequeira
Peg’s Presents
Bringing gifts (and smiles!) to children in need

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santa little

We cannot wait to see the photos of the kiddies with their 2012 Christmas gift bags!

After packing each bag with toys for girls and boys of all ages, we snapped a photo of the goodies under our tree.

Then, we packed them in our sleigh and completed our mission called “Christmas Delivery 2012” by dropping them off at Dignity Housing, Philadelphia.

pegs gifts 2012

Thank you all for your donations – we felt just like Santa, and you should too.  Remember, YOU make a difference, and you help us make a difference!  Photos to come 🙂


Lee & Andrew

Peg’s Presents

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We just enjoyed reading “Santa Comes Early, Delivers $100 Bills to Strangers” online, and wanted to share this perfect-for-the-season feel good read. We hope you enjoy too! Here’s the full article:

A good Samaritan, whose identity remains under wraps, spreads holiday cheer in Reading – the poorest city in America.
By Kelly Bayliss of NBC

A special someone looking to make the holidays bright in America’s poorest city, certainly did so Tuesday, when he handed out $100 bills to unsuspecting residents.

The Reading Eagle reports that a man, wanting to be identified only as “Secret Santa,” stopped by the Reading Inter-City Bus Terminal, as well as various other locations throughout the city, handing out $100 bills. In fact, he handed out an estimated $20,000 to many grateful residents, according to the Eagle.

“I was brought up to believe that you take care of your family, but I can’t find a job,” one of Secret Santa’s lucky recipients, Thomas J. Coates, told the paper. “This man said to me, ‘You’re a good man,’ and it felt good to hear that.” “Santa” says that he read that the city was the poorest in the country and felt he needed to bring residents some holiday cheer. “It’s time for us to step up, not step back,” Secret Santa told the Eagle.
~ ~ ~

We say Santa does exist. So why not try spreading some good cheer around – you don’t need $100 bills to do so. You don’t even need a Santa suit! Just lend a helping hand to a friend or neighbor, give a friendly gesture (or parking space) to a stranger, or provide an extra tip to service staff. And, of course a gift we at Peg’s Presents can deliver to a child in need is worth its weight in Christmas smiles as well.

Lee & Andrew
~ Peg’s Presents

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