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If you are running a non-profit organization you will want to raise awareness for it and increase engagement with your supporters. One of the best ways to do that is to have an effective website where your supporters will get information about it. It should be the most important digital channel to manage. That is because it is the main place where supporters will visit when they want to check information and updates about the organization.

If you want to design the best nonprofits website think of why you need it so that you can create with that purpose in mind. Your website should be designed to encourage visitors to explore it to get the information that they want. It will create the desire to get involved with what the organization is aiming to achieve. That means you have to ensure that the website helps those who want to learn about your cause and keep them engaged to remain involved.

You should also think about how your website will give an encouraging experience for both the visitors and the nonprofits. Think of having the right content management system (CMS). It will help you to capture vital information about your supporters by providing online forms. You should ensure the forms have an option to collect payments like donations or even event registration. That requires you to have a website that is easy to understand, navigate and engage with visitors.

When you understand everything that you need, to create a successful web, here are non-profit web design tips that you can use to achieve your goal.


When you are designing your website, you should not think of making it look like any other that you have seen. What you should concentrate on is making sure that you have a web that makes sense to the visitors. Also, ensure you put both your organization and its mission first. Also, ensure your CMS can allow you to customize your web to keep in line with your organization’s personality. It is possible to customize the website with non-profit themes while keeping your stringent brand standards.


The use of mobile devices has increased for the last few years. You should therefore think of giving users an easy time with your website. Your website should be optimized for mobile and tablet devices. That provides a friendly experience to the donors who are using these devices. It means you have to consider creating a large and easy to click the donations button. Also, use compressed images to allow for speed opening of your page. It is also good to use a font that is easy to read and make sure your visitors can see your web without having to zoom in or out.


It is important to consider having a coding expert and make sure your website is updated all the time. You also want to have a website that is designed for non-profit so that it is enabled for fundraising. That way it will be easy to keep the website updated and be able to give the right information.


You should design your website in a way that is consistent. All the colors that you use, the font, and images should be consistent on all pages. Having a consistent website from the home page to the donation page gives the visitors confidence. They will be sure that the website belongs to your organization. Also, it should be easy for donors to use an on-site donation form as that makes them more comfortable in donating. Make sure your CMS comes with built-in donation capabilities.

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