How One Gift Made a Difference

A sweet story we wanted to share (from our previous blog)

Our contact at Dignity Housing just sent us a wonderful email, and besides giving US a reason to smile, the message that even one gift can make a difference in a child’s life really hit home for us. We hope this will make you smile today too.
Here’s the email:

“We had one little boy sneak into his birthday bag early when we weren’t looking. He found out he was getting a football and begged us to let him play with it early. We completely caved, so now he comes over every day and asks if he can play with the football. Then when he’s done he wraps it back up in tissue paper and puts it back in the bag so he could play with it for a bit.

Of course, you are responsible for these smiles too, so please keep your gifts, donations and gift cards coming – we really do need them, as we have a new updated list of children who are in need of birthday presents.

Thank you so much!
Peg’s Presents

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